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Summer Special

Come celebrate summer with us and receive a nice cold complimentary alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverage as well as lady of your choice, for a 75 minute sensual massage for only $220


Weekend Bliss

Weekends are for relaxing and exploring all the world has to offer. So why not indulge with a 60 minute session of pure bliss for $180. This package includes a free alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverage of your choice, shower in our custom walk in showers and a fully nude sensual massage with relief from the lady of your choice.


2 for 1

We have a lot of new ladies joining us here and as part of their induction we offer them training with other experienced masseuses. So for this package you would pay $200 for 60 minutes and receive a complimentary alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverage as well as 2 masseuses! The days and ladies available will vary for this package and your prefered selection can’t always be guaranteed, but satisfaction can be!


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Limited time offer

Mutual Touch Special

Do you enjoy to give as well as receive? If you feel like really indulging we have a special package treat for you!

For a limited time we are offering our signature “Mutual Touch Special”. This package includes the general 60minute sensual massage but it also allows you to touch/massage the lady all over her body, including her most intimate of areas, at an all-inclusive price of $210.

Limited time offer